Santa Chuck
Santa Chuck operates under Lori Spencer Entertainment, LLC
Santa's Mission

1) To provide comfort
to kids in crisis

2) To encourage and
affirm every child's worth

3) To spread the joy
of Christmas
every day

Contact Santa Chuck
Phone: (704) 562-2593

I decided to go "Santa" 365 days a year. This allows me to be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a
day, to comfort kids in crisis.

After all, except for a loving hug from a parent or grandparent, there isn't very much that is more
comforting than a quiet time with Santa.

My purpose is not to counsel, teach or preach. My purpose is simply to comfort. I have great
children's story books I bring with me so I can read to a child. I also know lots of songs, either fun or
soft, that we can sing together. Or I may simply sit for a while, holding a hand and listening.

Before I leave, each child receives a new small soft Christmas animal or doll and/or a special gold
Reindeer Bell on a ribbon.

I plan to expand this service to local hospice and social workers. If you know of a kid in crisis who
could use a visit from Santa, please phone me. I can usually be there within an hour, two at the most.

There is never any charge for these special visits.